10 Amazing Ugly and Tacky Christmas Sweaters for 2017

'Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweater parties! Or you could just wear ugly Christmas sweaters to school, work, or alone in your room while you watch YouTube videos simply because they are delightful! We've rounded up our 10 of our favorite ugly Christmas sweaters for this season, so check 'em all out below and GET YOUR UGLY ON! 1. Rick and Morty Price: $60 // Get it here! 2. 3D Stuffed Moose Price: $68 // Get it here! 3. Two Person Sweater Price: $62 (or $31 each!) // Get it here! 4. Solo Cup Sweater Price: $59 // Get it here! 5. Stranger Things Price: $8 // Get it here! 6. A Christmas Story Price: $66 // Get it here! 7. The Fresh Prince Price: $30 // Get it here! 8. Christmas RompHim Price: $100 // Get it here! 9. Baby Jesus Price: $52 // Get it Price: $69 // Get it here! BONUS. This Smosh Sweater because why not? Price: $40.99 // Get it here! Which of these ugly sweaters is your favorite? Or do you have an even better one not on this list? Share with us on Twitter @Smosh! Contributor: Cat PajamasView Count: 0Featured: Weekly View Count: 0Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitFunny PicsWTF ClothesChristmas 2017Ugly Sweatersepic LOLsMass images: