'Cuphead' Inspires Cupsonas, a New Way to Pretend to Be Someone Different Than Yourself

For the longest time, furries have been creating "fursonas" for themselves — alternate identities they draw of themselves if they were some kind of fox-lookin' of animal. And now that the 1930s cartoon-inspired indie game Cuphead has become such a success, fans are taking a page out of the furry playbook (oh no oh no oh no) and designing themselves "cupsonas" (oh thank god that could have been bad). We've scoured the depths of Tumblr and Twitter to find our favorite Cupsonas, so check them out before you start drawing yourself as a cuphead, because what if your big cup idea's been done already? via colormindzvia exoradrawsvia addyartsvia tekehallartvia glitchtonvia commanderflyingsaucerx2via gspaeprovia gspaeprovia dreamsweetinseamajorvia annchann-art *makes a cupsona out a pure spite* pic.twitter.com/r91gGzxdUF — 🎃Werechii🎃 (@Chiibemon) October 17, 2017 Hey so I wasn't kidding when I said I'd design myself a cupsona. pic.twitter.com/tzIw4IMkxW — tina hallow-bean (@SheepyTina) October 14, 2017 I drew #cuphead #glassy (my oc) and #Mugman @StudioMDHRI hope you like it! <3 I really love this design and game! pic.twitter.com/hSaO55PPFk — Phin 🎨 (@Phinbella_Flynn) October 5, 2017 What would your cupsona be? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh! Contributor: Mikey McCollorView Count: 0Featured: Weekly View Count: 0Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitcupheadcupsonasvideo gamesxbox oneMass images: 
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