6 Short-Lived Disney Channel Series That Sound Crazy but Awesome

Disney Channel has churned out iconic shows like Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, and That’s So Raven, but what about the shows that only lasted one season? The shows no one talks about. The ones whose stars didn’t become this: Not that there’s anything wrong with rocking whatever look you want and breaking from your goody two-shoes Disney image, but-- well, we’re getting off topic. Here are some Disney shows that didn’t last long and maybe we can tell why but they still sounded freaking great. Also I’ve bolded every cliche aimed-at-kids plot device for funsies. Just imagine a forty-three year old studio exec being like "How could it fail? It had twins/time-travel/a family of farts named the Fartsons and they always got into crazy situations!!" I made up that last one. Hey, Disney I’ve got a pitch for you. 1. I Didn’t Do It The show stars brother-sister twins, Lindy and Logan Watson, as they begin their first year of high school. For the first season, each episode would start with a "what just happened" situation to be explained by the rest of the episode through flashbacks... until they dropped the plot mechanic for the second season. And then Disney Channel dropped them before a third season. They can’t all be Hannahs in Montanas... 2. Best Friends Whenever After a freak accident, two teenage girls find themselves able to time travel. In one episode, the best friends try to use their powers to go back to 7th grade when the school cafeteria still had "pizza-slam-rito’s". This is some real 11-22-63 sh*t, y’all. 3. In a Heartbeat This show follows an EMT squad made up of every high school cliche: the football player, the cheerleader who’s actually smart, the new guy who didn’t choose to be here and boy is he grumpy about it. These teens are trying to be volunteer EMTs while still being normal teenagers. For once these teens are pursuing something that isn’t Hollywood-related. I dig it. 4. Dave the Barbarian The show takes place in the Middle Ages and seems to be about three siblings left in charge of a kingdom while their parents are away fighting evil. Sadly, the show only lasted one season, but its theme song is still on point. 5. The Buzz on Maggie The Buzz on Maggie also had a great theme song coming from Disney — I found my new gym jam. This show centers on a tween fly (yes you read that right) named Maggie Pesky. She lives in "Stickyfeet", AKA a dump. Oh, and Maggie wants to be a rockstar. Who wants to watch this with me? Like, seriously it sounds crazy but kinda great. 6. Totally in Tune If you like reality shows like The Real World, but wished there was less drinking and more cellos, this was the show for you. Totally in Tune followed eight students at Alexander Hamilton High School Academy of Music, in Los Angeles, and anyone who has done high school band or orchestra knows that music nerds are all about their own unique form of drama. Did any show strike your fancy? Are you going to petition Disney to bring back The Buzz on Maggie? Daddy no? Dang… Check my Twits, you know how I do: @AndiHester. Contributor: Andi HesterView Count: 2Featured: Weekly View Count: 2Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitdisney channelcancelledthe buzz about maggiecory in the house