9 Halloween Costumes You Will Definitely See This Year

Halloween is right around the corner, so if you want to know what EVERYONE'S going to be dressing up as this year (either to avoid looking like everyone else, or to make sure you blend in with everyone else), then look no further than these nine costumes. Wonder Woman A post shared by Hendo (@hendoart) on Sep 12, 2017 at 6:17pm PDT Girl and women (and probably some men trying to be "funny") will bust out their best Gal Gadot this year. As cliche as it already feels (seriously, it's not even a month from Halloween and I already feel like I've seen this costume a million times), it's probably going to be THE costume of 2017. Fair warning: If you try to tell anyone wearing this costume that you just thought the movie was "so-so", you're going to find a golden lasso wrapped around your throat quicker than you can say "STEEEEEEEVE!" Rick and Morty (source) Now that Rick and Morty are FINALLY back in our lives, the best way to honor/celebrate them is to dress up as them. So prepare to see the best best friends and coolest couples dressed as our favorite universe-jumping bootleg Doc Brown and Marty McFly! Game of Thrones Characters (source) Now that *spoiler* Dany and Jon have finally consummated their incest-ignorant crush on one another, expect to see a lot of smug couples dressing up as the Targaryen duo this Halloween. In addition to this obvious choice, we're really hoping to see a few sexy Night Kings running around. Winged Spider-Man (source) Tom Holland's Spider-Man: NOW WITH MORE SPIDER WINGS (so Marvel can profit from updated Spider-Mancostumes)! Stranger Things Characters (source) Even though Stranger Things 2 is set to be released just days before Halloween this year (October 27th, to be precise), prepare to see a LOT of season one Elevens and other characters from the show. Also be prepared to see a bunch of "overachievers" who'll have already binge-watched the entire second season before Halloween night, and managed to put together a season two costume. JUST NO SPOILERS FOR THOSE OF US WHO LIKE TO TAKE OUR TIME, PLEASE! Moana A post shared by Maya Fowler🇯🇵 (@mayafowler_) on Sep 2, 2017 at 4:40pm PDT Besides live-action Belle, Moana is going to be THE Disney Princess to dress up as this year. Pennywise from It I got bored and did a photo shoot of my 3 year old brother,Louie,as pennywise the dancing clown, from it. #ITMovie #pennywise #YoullFloatToo pic.twitter.com/uVds0be42P — Eagan tilghman (@eag2n) August 25, 2017 Bill Skarsgard's 2017 version of Pennywise is just perfection, and it's going to be f*cking terrifying (and awesome) to see a bunch of Its running around the neighborhood this year. (Don't hang around large storm drains for this very reasons. There's always that one psycho kid who takes the joke too far.) Pirates and Cowboys (source) Bless the lazy, procrastinating, last-minute people who act like they don't really care about Halloween, but always show up to the parties. Donald Trump (source) We all have that dad/uncle/annoying neighbor who can't help but take the lowest hanging fruit. What are YOU planning on being for Halloween this year? Let us know @Smosh! Contributor: Cat PajamasView Count: 4Featured: Weekly View Count: 4Content Tag: smoshsmoshpithalloweenHalloween Costumescosplaywonder womanStranger Thingsdonald trumpMass images: 
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