Exclusive: Polaroid’s new OneStep 2 is so fun you'll totally forget about Instagram

Nine years ago, Polaroid was going to through bankruptcy, and it seemed like its iconic instant film and cameras would vanish into the ether. Death by digital photos would've been inscribed on its tombstone. By some sheer miracle, a startup called the Impossible Project swooped in to save both the cameras and film. But it wasn’t as easy as picking up Polaroid’s remains. The company’s instant film factories were destroyed and Impossible Project basically had to start from scratch to recreate the instant-developing chemistry before it could even sell a single pack of film.  Now, nearly a decade later, Impossible Project is the sole maker of Polaroid 600 instant film — you’ve probably seen them sold in hipster places like Urban Outfitters — and now they’re taking the next big leap. Impossible is rebranding as Polaroid Originals, a logical move that embraces Polaroid’s rich photographic heritage, and also coincides with the brand’s 80th anniversary.  Read more...More about Reviews, Cameras, Mashable Choice, Impossible Project, and Polaroid