Heard on the Street Summer Stock Picks

This summer, Heard on the Street’s scribes pulled a seat up to the pundits’ table, slapping a “buy” or “sell” on 22 investments ranging from blue chip U.S. and European stocks to entire currencies or national stock markets.
  • BHP Is Still Caught Between a Rock and an Oil Well
    BHP is emerging as a copper powerhouse, which helped buoy its first-half earnings. That strength conceals some troubling signs in oil and coal, however.
    (February 20 17:12) The Wall Street Journal
  • Why Broadcom Should Walk Away
    Wanting to do a deal isn’t the same as needing to do one. Broadcom at this point should remember the benefits of being in the former position.
    (06:53) The Wall Street Journal
  • Walmart Hiccups and Investors Overreact
    Over the last six months, Walmart was richly rewarded by shareholders for its apparent success at competing head-to-head with Amazon.com. On Tuesday, it showed signs of falling behind.
    (03:07) The Wall Street Journal
  • Hotels Check Into Technology Arms Race
    In a wake-up call to investors, Holiday Inn owner InterContinental Hotels said it won’t return extra cash this year.
    (01:49) The Wall Street Journal
  • Where to Look for HSBC's Next Big Move
    U.K.-based bank HSBC is quiet on strategic changes for now, but there are big reasons for investors to think beyond Asia.
    (February 20 22:47) The Wall Street Journal
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