That One Harry Potter Question We're All Still Asking? J.K. Rowling HATES Getting It on Twitter

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is pretty great about answering fan's questions about her magical series... even if I sometimes wish she weren't. Come on J.K. Rowling, why you gotta come out and say the Weasley is Our King theory, which suggests that Ron is Dumbledore by way of time-travel, isn't true? The books are done! I could've just sat by myself thinking it was true. I mean, that theory meant a lot to me, personally. If this little loser can grow up to be the greatest wizard of his time, why can't a little loser like me grow up to play major league ball?(source) J.K. Rowling wouldn't answer questions about the Harry Potter world if she didn't like doing it, but we did just find out there's at least one question she hates getting. And her frustration with being asked it again and again just recently bubbled over. It started when Vulture writer Mark Harris asked this question of his Twitter followers: You are trapped in an elevator with one other person. What is the worst way he can start a conversation? — Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) September 7, 2017 And our girl J.K. responded with this tweet: 'Got a bone to pick with you. Why's the Snitch worth 150 points?...side that catches it always wins... makes no sense...' & on & on forever. — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) September 9, 2017 And I get it, Quidditch is over. The rules are what the rules are. J.K. probably gets the question over and over again. But, like, it doesn't make sense, right? Am I crazy here? No one who loves rooting on J.K. Rowling when she takes down fools on Twitter more than me, but I think this Quidditch question might be valid! That game does not make a ton of sense! Here's one question I have just off the top of my head: how do the wizarding TV networks fill all that extra airtime if the Snitch gets grabbed 20 seconds in? Just put on a rerun of Wizarding Frasier? "Niles! HOW are we to gain the respect of our working class father if we simply canNOT master Wingardium Leviosa?!"(source) Do you think Quidditch, you know, works? Like, as a game? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh! Contributor: Mikey McCollorView Count: 1Featured: Weekly View Count: 1Content Tag: smoshsmoshpitharry potterjk rowlingquidditchmagichogwartsMass images: 
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